"622 Downfalls Of Bungo" video premieres on YouTube



"Kim Zonk Funk" album on iTunes

Kim Zonk Funk - Cmy


"Kim Zonk Funk" video premieres on YouTube

Jorge Saxon - ideas, 8mm tape hunting; Milton Waukee - ideas, Apple Final Cut Studio editing


New album "Kim Zonk Funk" available online

We're proud to announce that our new album "Kim Zonk Funk" is now available for full preview, purchase and download:

<a href="">Mr. Skeleton Pants by Cmy</a>


Cmy on Facebook and Twitter

You can now follow Cmy on Facebook and Twitter :)

Cmy @ Facebook

Cmy @ Twitter


Female voice on "Asian pleasures"

Kasia KlichIf you ever wondered who's the female voice singing (in pseudo-Japanese) in "Asian pleasures" - well, believe it or not - it's Kasia Klich... We even gave her the "Yuki Karaoke" nickname - coined exclusively for this crazy track ;)





Cmy reveal their identities

Yaro & DJ GeorgeAfter 7 years of undercover action, the duo has finally revealed their identities. In an ingenious attempt to avoid prejudice among Polish listeners, Cmy managed to get their attention and be recognized as one of the most fresh and inspiring acts to emerge from Poland in the last couple of years. It turns out that Cmy are actually:

Yaro a.k.a. Milton Waukee (a well-known and recognizable Polish music producer)

DJ George a.k.a. Jorge Saxon (Yaro’s long time music friend and co-worker).